9 Uplifting TED Talks by Black Women You Need to Watch Right Now

9 Uplifting TED Talks by Black Women You Need to Watch Right Now

No one walks away from watching a TED Talk without being changed on some level. And one by a black woman undoubtedly doubles that impact. If you’ve already watched the previous eight TED Talks from exceptional black women we highlighted last year and you’re motivated and ready for some more leveling up, the nine we have lined up below will not disappoint.

Each talk in this roundup of influential women of power delivers thoughtful advice, insightful personal stories, and invigorating perspectives just in time for Women’s History Month. They are sure to spark change, whether in you or the women of power you share these talks with.

#MeToo founder and activist Tarana Burke delivers a searing message that #metoo is more than a moment; it’s a movement. Globe-trotting Evita Robinson, founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, a 20,000 strong global lifestyle brand will have you planning your next trip. Educator Dena Simmons teaches students of color how to deal with impostor syndrome. Nadine Burke Harris, California’s new surgeon general, discusses the long-term health effects of childhood trauma. And Kasiva Mutua, the Kenyan percussionist who is breaking down gender barriers each time she beats her drum by challenging the taboo against female drummers, will have you questioning why women were even banned from playing in the first place. And we’ve only named five of the nine speakers listed here.

These women are shaking the table and stirring up change while improving the world and sharing ideas that are definitely worth spreading.

9 Uplifting TED Talks by Black Women

Evita Robinson


Nadine Burke Harris


Tarana Burke


Maya Penn


Kasiva Mutua


Wanuri Kahiu


Dena Simmons


Kim Katrin Milan


Nnedi Okorafor