Tell Us About Your Business

Are you looking for a chance for your small business to featured in Black Enterprise? In most cases, you should send information about your small business to Tennille Robinson, Small Business Editor, Black Enterprise, 130 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011; e-mail:

Be prepared to provide the following details about your company:

Registered name of your company

Names, ages and official titles of founder(s)/owner(s)

Year started and/or acquired

Business address

Web site URL

Media contact info

Type of business

List and briefly describe of all revenue streams

How does the company generate revenue?

What percentage of the business is black owned?

How many people, including the owners, are employed by the business? (Differentiate between full time and part time)

Annual revenues for most recent calendar year

Projected revenues for the current calendar year

What deals and/or projects are in the pipeline that will help the company attain its projected revenue goal?

Name two or three of your largest or most notable clients/projects

What is the most pressing challenge you or your company has faced since starting the business? Were you able to overcome it? If so, how?

Has the company been impacted by recent news events? If so, please explain.

What makes the company so special?

Please know that any information provided must be verified upon request.