Telli Swift Talks Boxing Wags Association & Unisex Fragrance With Deontay Wilder

Telli Swift Talks Boxing Wags Association & Unisex Fragrance With Deontay Wilder

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and socialite Telli Swift stopped by Hip Hop & Enterprise to share how she’s using her powerful influence, to give back through her non-profit, Boxing Wags Association.

After much success starring in the hit reality series, WAGS Atlanta, Telli’s following grew as fans and viewers were drawn to her spunky, kind-hearted persona. Using her powerful influence, Telli decided to give back through her philanthropic efforts and initiative with her non-profit, Boxing Wags Association.

Composed of talented and diverse women, BWA raises funds and awareness to support women, children, and families through charitable events and fundraisers. Telli opened up about the inspiration behind the organization that came through the health complications one of her own children face.

“So initially, our eldest daughter, she was born with Spina Bifida,” she shared.

“I always wanted to raise funds and awareness to detect Spinal Bifida at an earlier point in when they’re in their mother’s womb.”

Once Telli realized there were WAGS associations for other professional sports, like the NFL and NBA, Telli decided there should be one for the boxing profession as well.

“I developed the Boxing Wags Association, where a group of women, whether they’re with active athletes, or retired athletes can come together and help our community and just raise funds and awareness,” she shared.

Continuing to build her empire, Telli’s built, hosted, and interviewed a vast range of guests to inspire listeners through her podcast Telli Talks. As a self-proclaimed “fempowerist” Telli shared her passion for uplifting women through her various endeavors.

“So fempowerist is someone that has ownership of who she is as an individual,” Telli told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Just what she’s doing her strength, her resilience.”

“As a woman not letting anything, deteriorate her power and her strength of just being a woman and owning yourself and what it is that you do in your career.” Whether you’re a mother, whether you’re an entrepreneur,” she continued. “Whether you’re a nurse or whatever it is that you do as a woman and just showing that strength from within yourself.”

Telli has also teamed with her fiance, boxing champion Deontay Wilder, to launch their official unisex fragrance D’Telli. The socialite dishes on the romantic inspiration behind the new fragrance and where the powerhouse couple hopes to take the brand.

“Our model behind it is ‘where two souls connect as one’ because he trains in Alabama, and I work here in California. So when we’re not together, we can, you know, think and reminisce about each other to a scent,” Telli explained.

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