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Tems Reveals Death Threats She’s Received Over Future Pregnancy Rumors: ‘It’s Crazy’

Singer Tems opened up about the death threats she has received as a result of pregnancy rumors involving the rapper Future.

Singer Tems opened up about the death threats she has received because of pregnancy rumors involving the rapper Future on The Beat 99.9 FM’s Drive Time Show in Lagos on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

“I didn’t actually think anybody believed it,” she said of the rumors that surfaced in September. “I didn’t know it was serious, I didn’t know until I started getting messages, like death threats. Like, ‘How dare you! Of all the people in the world, Future? Really? Really, of all the people?’ And I’ve never even—I’ve never met him in my life. So, it’s cr*zy.”

It was three months ago when the “Crazy Things” singer hopped online to shut down claims accusing her of being pregnant by Future. The rumors ignited after a video surfaced of the Nigerian singer at Burberry’s Summer 2024 fashion show in London where she was seen adjusting her jacket.

Some fans mistook the movement as Tems attempt to hide a baby bump which was somehow a result of rapper Future. The pair won a Grammy earlier this year for their single, “Wait For U.”

“In conclusion, you people are all mad,” Tems wrote on Twitter/X.

Tems has heated up the music scene since her 2020 debut and has done a good job at keeping her name out of drama and gossip claims—until fans somehow linked her to Future.

Future has seemingly acquired a reputation for being a womanizer due to the eight children he’s fathered with eight different women in addition to the various women he dates throughout the industry. Future has never been married.

The closest he’s gotten to tying the knot was a brief engagement with singer Ciara that ended shortly after the birth of their son, Future Zahir, in 2014. They were engaged for less than a year and dated from 2012 to 2014.

In September, Ciara was asked about her co-parenting relationship with Future and burst out into laughter instead of providing a direct answer.

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