10 Tips for Writing a Winning E-Book

Would you like to solidify your expert status in your respective field, score another stream of income, and promote your business? It’s time to get published and write an e-book.

With the advent of technology–we crave information immediately, passionately and succinctly. An electronic or e-book allows you to become a self-published author and add your innovative approach to a topic within 7 to 10 days.

The great news is writing an e-book requires very little commitment. No need to purchase any pricey software–MS Word or other word processing software is suitable, and, you can complete your book in a weekend. The e-book can be as few as 5 pages and no more than 50. A great guide on completing an e-book is How to Write and Publish Your Own e-Book in as Little as 7 Days (Morgan James Publishing;$19.95).

The key to writing a winning e-book is that it must be informative, engaging, be of service, and offer a new spin on what’s already out in the marketplace.

When you are ready to write your e-book, start with an outline–think about what you do best–legal advice, cooking, haircare, human resource retention, marketing, finance, public relations, dating, etc and then start researching. Next write ten things you would offer in your book for the readers that would be considered “must” have information and resources.

Tips to get you started:

1. Identify your topic/genre with thought. Think about how you can be of service with your expertise and say a different way to entice readers.

2. Come up with a catchy title to seduce readers. The title should convey information about the e-book.

3. Write short introductions about the content of the book in the table of contents for your readers to glean what they will learn from your presentation.

4. Know your audience. Tailor the information to their liking, add anecdotes to personalize, and avoid the SAT vocabulary words. Keep it simple.

5. Hire a graphic designer. The designer will create an attractive cover for the e-book, which will make your product competitive.

6. Proofread the document. Ask your family and friends to look over for grammar and spelling.

7. Make it personal. If you can add photos, data and stats it will make your book more marketable.

8. Convert your final document to a PDF file. A PDF file makes it challenging for others to copy your book, and the documents are easily transmitted via email and downloads for purchase.

9. Pricing is key. Do your research and make certain that your ask is competitive.

10. Market yourself.
Sell your e-book on your website, blog, social media sites and professional organizations.

Will you plan a weekend to write your e-book and market your passion? Let me know some of the topics you plan to write on.

Caviar & Chitlins Moment: There are too many tools in the marketplace for you not to take charge of your expert status and market yourself.

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, provides entrepreneurs, corporations, and mompreneurs with essential branding, marketing, and public relations coaching; www.karentaylorbass.com and www.taylormademediapr.com. Follow Karen’s tips and Caviar & Chitlins moments at Twitter, twitter.com/prexpert.