Former NFL Star Terrell Owens Owes the IRS $244,000

Former NFL Star Terrell Owens Owes the IRS $244,000

TERRELL OWENSOnce again, Terrell Owens is in the cross-hairs of the IRS.

TMZ is reporting that Uncle Sam is looking to speak to the former football player about taxes he owes from 2012.

The government came knocking at his door previously for a total of $430,000 from a tax debt from the years 2005 to 2009, but he made good on that just last year.

It is unclear how he made so much money to end up owing $244,391.52 in 2012. He had a failed comeback attempt with the Seattle Seahawks and according to reports, he only made $4,300 from that tryout.

Maybe another reality show will come to his aid.

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