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Texas Teen Recovering After Holiday Explosion Burns 90% Of Body

The severely burned teen has shown some signs of improvement after multiple surgeries, but she was placed back into the coma as she heals.

A North Texas teen suffered burns on over 90% of her body after a holiday gathering with friends took a tragic turn.

Madison Lewis, 17, has undergone multiple surgeries at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital in a medically induced coma following the Dec. 23 incident, Fox 4 News reports.

The Jacksboro High School senior was socializing around a burn barrel, when, according to her mother, Ericca Hammond, a boy threw “an actual pan full of gasoline” into the fire.

“It just exploded and went in her direction,” Hammond told Fox 4. “It was devastating. Completely burned her whole body.”

She added, “There’s nothing in the world more that I want and need than for my baby girl to be OK and to live a life. She’s 17 years old.”

Lewis is slated to graduate this May and attend college in the fall. “She has so much more to do out here…I mean, she’s a warrior. She is a fighter,” Hammond said.

Jacksboro is about an hour and 40 minutes from Dallas. Hammond has traveled back and forth, received help from the Ronald McDonald House.

“Which is wonderful,” she told Fox 4. “They have just been the best to me and to my family. You know, just open arms and hugs and prayers and so much compassion that it just filled my heart full of love.”

Lewis was taken off pain medication Jan. 2 to check for responses and underwent a fourth successful surgery this week to treat her extensive burns.

“She made some small movements with her tongue,” after doctors took her out of the coma. Lewis’ mother said. This sign was positive, but doctors remain concerned about lost function in her left eye.

Lewis was placed back in a coma as her body continues to heal.

“This is the first year since I’ve been a mom that I didn’t wrap one Christmas gift,” Hammond said. “Not one.” Her sole focus now is on her daughter’s healing.

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