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Texas Woman Shares Her Story Of Being Mistaken As An Intruder And Shot By Police

A 28-year-old Texas resident, Eboni Pouncy, speaks on being mistakenly identified as an intruder and shot five times by the police while at her girlfriend's apartment.

A woman in Texas is finally speaking out after being shot five times by police in Harris County, Texas, with the authorities mistaking her as an intruder inside her friend’s apartment.

Eboni Pouncy spoke to ABC13 about the unfortunate Feb. 3 incident that left her with bullet wounds from the police. After responding to a 911 call from a neighbor at the apartment about a suspected break-in, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene where the ordeal occurred.

According to Pouncy, she went over to the apartment with her girlfriend, who is the tenant, who realized she had forgotten her keys to enter her home. After breaking a window to get inside the residence, a neighbor called the police to investigate the matter of an alleged intruder. While body cam footage reveals that the officers did identify themselves, Pouncy maintains that she did not hear the two officers before proceeding to the door, armed for protection due to the cracked window.

“We got into the house. We were watching TV,” the 28-year-old stated in the interview. “There was a knock at the door at that time, and I got up, and I grabbed my gun, and I went to go greet who was ever at the door…Because the window was broken, and I believed I was taking safety precautions at that time of night, and so I was just trying to do the right thing.” 

The footage shows the deputies yelling for Pouncy to “drop the gun” before proceeding to shoot toward her inside the apartment, leaving her with bullet wounds in her leg and torso, in addition to other places on her body. While the officers remain on leave as the investigation unfolds, the mother of one has sought the legal representation of civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who shared that the incident has parallels to Breonna Taylor’s killing.

“We all know that every American citizen right now is keenly aware of their Second Amendment rights and their rights to bear arms,” Crump told ABC News. “Why is it a presumption that we don’t have a right to the Second Amendment? This reminds you of the tragic killing of Breonna Taylor, where her boyfriend was a law-abiding gun-registered citizen. And yet, the police busted in their front door, shooting and killing Breonna.”

In addition to the investigation by Texas authorities, the case is also being referred to a grand jury if the police officers are met with any criminal charges.

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