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Teyana Taylor Alleges Iman Shumpert Neglects The Safety Of Their Children

Teyana Taylor has leveled serious accusations against Iman Shumpert, alleging he neglects the safety of their children.

In the ongoing divorce saga between Teyana Taylor and former NBA player Iman Shumpert, the singer has leveled serious accusations against her estranged husband, claiming he neglected the safety of their children during his custody time, according to TMZ.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal Taylor’s concerns about Shumpert’s parenting skills, accusing him of failing to provide proper care for their two children, even neglecting to feed them while they are in his care. The allegations go further, suggesting that Shumpert smokes marijuana around the kids and is occasionally under the influence while looking after them.

One specific incident outlined in the documents alleges that Shumpert placed the children in a rideshare in Chicago, having them dropped off at the United Center unaccompanied, while he utilized a private driver for his own transportation to the arena. Taylor contends that these actions collectively demonstrate a “clear disregard for the safety of the minor children.”

This development comes in the wake of Shumpert’s denial of Taylor’s earlier claims that she felt endangered while in his presence. Specifically, in August 2016, the ex-Cleveland Cavaliers player faced charges, including driving under the influence. A more recent incident in late July 2022 led to Shumpert’s arrest at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on felony marijuana possession charges.

Additionally, Taylor asserts in the lawsuit that Shumpert had previously crashed her vehicle and fled the scene to evade another potential DUI arrest. The legal dispute between the two continues to unfold, with Taylor now asserting that Shumpert’s alleged actions are not only impacting her but are placing their children in potentially unsafe situations.

The divorce proceedings have been marked by intense back-and-forths, with both parties presenting conflicting narratives about their marriage and parenting. As the legal battle persists, how the court will navigate this complex and emotionally charged allegation remains to be seen.

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