Turkey fryer, Burlington

Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Explosion Shatters North Carolina Home

A North Carolina family narrowly escaped tragedy when a turkey fryer exploded inside their Burlington home.

A North Carolina family escaped serious harm after a turkey fryer exploded inside their Burlington home Nov. 22, as reported by WAVY. Authorities revealed that the blast, fueled by a propane tank connected to the fryer, was so forceful that it shattered windows at the back of the house.

Investigators said the person cooking the turkey fell asleep and left the boiling oil unattended.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with unattended cooking, Burlington Police Chief Daniel Shoffner said.

“There’s more house fires due to unattended cooking, or cooking incidents, on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year,” Shoffner told WAVY. “We want people to be safe; stay safe this holiday season. You know, be cautious when you’re cooking. If you are using a turkey fryer with oil or anything else.”

Shoffner said unattended cooking is one of the leading causes for home fires, especially during the holiday season.

In a report by The Hill, the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission reports that an average of 1,600 cooking fires occur just on Thanksgiving—more than three times the daily average for such incidents. 

As families prepare for holiday feasts, safety officials are emphasizing crucial precautions. Shoffner issued a reminder for people to stay vigilant during the holiday season. He urged caution while cooking, especially when utilizing turkey fryers with hot oil.

The chief advised, “You know, be cautious when you’re cooking if you are using a turkey fryer with oil or anything else.”

Experts recommend against frying turkeys indoors and stress the importance of maintaining a safe distance between the fryer and anything that could potentially catch fire. With the potential for high-risk situations during Thanksgiving preparations, authorities are urging households to prioritize safety, ensuring that holiday celebrations remain joyful and free from peril.

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