The 10 Funniest Business Memes You Should See

The 10 Funniest Business Memes You Should See

There is no shortage of hilarity when it comes to memes on the internet. From pictures of animals working human jobs to babies sporting mustaches with witty sayings features, the trend of creating a meme to emphasize a point has become a go-to-measure for creatives looking to spark a laugh or two.

With the world experiencing a case of the Mondays, the change starts when someone gets tired of being bored and decides to take that picture of their dog dressed up in business attire and post it to or Reddit. Next thing you know, it has taken a life of its own and become a widely shared internet meme.

As we all come off the weekend, we are still realizing that we’re under-paid, overworked, and dreadfully taxed on energy as we try to turn in those TP reports. With all that in the front of all our minds, Black Enterprise urges you to relax those limbs and let loose a hearty chuckle.

Here is a list of funny business memes to get you through this manic Monday!