The Ancestor’s Project Explains Kambo: Sacred Earth Medicine From Venomous Frogs

The Ancestor’s Project Explains Kambo: Sacred Earth Medicine From Venomous Frogs

You probably read the title of this article and thought, “how can anything from a venomous frog be considered healing?”

Well, the Ancestor’s Project is here to further educate the masses on the benefits of Sacred Earth Medicine and alternative healing techniques.

The Ancestor Project (TAP) is an educational, healing and inclusive platform designed for BIPOC, by BIPOC, but also welcomes others looking to explore alternative healing techniques from all-natural resources. Through Kambo, TAP uses venomous frogs to Boost immunity, alleviate anxiety, and open the mind to new possibilities.

But with the words “venom” and ‘frog” in the title, the practice has many scratching their heads. But the practice, like other Sacred Earth practices, is “much safer” than other forms of medicine, TAP says.

“The biggest misconceptions we see in our community around Sacred Earth Medicines is that, one, they are dangerous, and two, they are not for us,” TAP tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“The reality is that these ancestral medicines are, in many cases, much safer than many of the modern medical interventions we see being used in our communities, and these medicines actually come from our ancestors.”

“We have been so colonized to see these “alternative” ways of healing as something outside of ourselves or our communities when the reality is that our ancestors have been working with Sacred Earth Medicines to heal ourselves long before we were forcefully transported out of our lands.”

For those wondering if the practice is supported by science, TAP reassures the public of the “ancestral science” that supports their rituals.

“They are backed by centuries of ancestral science and technology that the modern medical model is slowly catching up to,” TAP says. “You can now see medicines like Kambo being studied for the numerous peptides it carries, as well as Sacred Mushrooms, or psilocybin, being researched for their long proven healing properties in the realms of mental health support.”

With an opioid crisis underway and many suffering from physical mental health ailments, TAP says now more than ever is the time to consider Sacred Earth Medicine.

“The old ways are not working anymore; our protests fall on deaf ears while our brothers and sisters are being murdered in the streets,” TAP says.

“We are now in a time of urgent need for change, and working with Sacred Earth Medicines is a way to accelerate our healing, both personally and collectively. If you feel the call to explore these medicine ways, answer that call for yourself and for us all.”

After completing a health intake form, The Ancestor Project will plan an hour phone call to chat about the Kambo participant’s overall state of well-being, habits and rituals. This conversation should be completed 10 days prior to the ceremony to support deeper healing, learning, and integration.

When asked about the significance of applying the medicine in ritual form, TAP says its the best way to include the ancestors and the Earth in the transformative experience.

“Communal ceremony and ritual is how our ancestors stayed in the right relationship with themselves, with the Earth, and with the ancestral realm,” TAP says. “Being in a ceremony is a time to remember the truth of where we come from and where we will return to.”

“It is truly an honor and a privilege for us to support our community members in their radical self-transformation within the ceremonial space.”