The CBCF Debate Watching Party Continues…Finishing up

The CBCF Debate Watching Party Continues…Finishing up

The debate is over.

The Congressional Black Caucus crowd is cheering!

“Yes we can!” and “Obama!”

Everyone is filing out, but Tom Joyner still has the debate wrap-up:

Body Language: Did McCain once even look at Obama?

Panelist: No, he was clearly angry.

Kendrick Meek: This was probably the largest watch party in the country.

(No one is listening. Everyone is filing out. This place was packed to capacity and now it is almost empty in less than 10 minutes.)

I’m running to grab some VIPs for comments:

Rev. Jessie Jackson: I think in what was to be McCain’s strength. Obama met him toe to toe.

Elsie Scott, Ph.D., CBCF president: I thought Sen. Obama looked very presidential. I thought this was the best debate  that he has done yet.  McCain was very condescending towards him. Obama proved he has a good handle on the foreign policy issues of this country.

Julius Cartwright, First Vice President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB): I think it went excellent. I think that Barack Obama beat him on all points tonight. I think that he was better prepared because Barack is a better person when it comes to debates than McCain. He really demonstrated presidential qualities tonight to deliver in the debate. He probably converted some of the people on the fence. It would be interesting to see what the polls are saying.

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