The Credit Bros Celebrate 5 Years of Making Homeownership Possible in the Black Community

Since their timely meeting in 2018, Christopher Watson and Aaron Steede, the founders of The Credit Bros, have been on a mission to help the underserved reach financial freedom. Their collaboration, using dual backgrounds in finance and engineering, created a platform for positive change in the Black community. Helping others is key, and for their clients, that “key” opens the door to a new house of their dreams.

A posting from CNN reveals, “More Americans own a home now than in any year following the Great Recession. But Black homeownership, at 43.4%, remains lower than it was a decade ago. And it is nearly 30 percentage points behind the white homeownership rate of 72.1%.”

The Credit Bros are up-and-coming leaders in the financial and credit services industry. They share a passion for uplifting others, and teaching people of color about having good credit and how to become homeowners. They are proud of their portfolio, which shows exponential growth in helping over 300 families attain homes by fixing their credit reports through factual disputing. The combined expertise of the Credit Bros is now touching customers in a global arena. They offer a time-tested affordable program with guarantees favorable results and instructs clients on how to get loans and balance their credit risk management. In addition, they provide services regarding budgeting and ways of maintaining and sustaining credit as a leverage to build wealth.

This dynamic team knows the number one reason most people cannot improve their credit is a lack of knowledge. Considering this, they travel doing speaking engagements to enlighten future homeowners and teach them what they have not been taught over the years.

Satisfied client Shemika Walker expresses how delighted she is with her Credit Bros experience. “So, I did a thing today. I became a homeowner. Anything is possible when you have God and the right team behind you.”

Credit Bros is on a trajectory of outstanding success while pouring back into the African American community. They host free education webinars that have taught thousands of people the principles of how to repair their own credit through their free credit group. According to them, “We are dedicated Black entrepreneurs thriving to make an impact and difference in our communities. Our goal and mission are to educate with finance and credit while helping clients improve their scores for home purchase, economic growth, and a better way of life financially.”

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