The EPA to Allocate $115M To Aid Jackson, Mississippi During Water Crisis

The EPA to Allocate $115M To Aid Jackson, Mississippi During Water Crisis

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will provide $115 million to support water infrastructure investments in Jackson, Mississippi. This is a huge step in development for the city, which has been without safe drinking water since August 2022 due to neglectful state policies, according to an official statement released by the NAACP. 

In the statement, the NAACP expressed satisfaction with this investment, as the organization has been working with Jackson residents and city leaders for the past year to address the state’s inaction.

“Far too often, governmental leadership has failed to make tangible environmental investments in our communities, resulting in devastating, and sometimes tragic outcomes for Black families,” said NAACP Director of Environmental and Climate Justice, Abre’ Conner. “The announcement of this funding from the EPA makes it clear that the Biden Administration is committed to finding innovative ways to demonstrate what investments in places like Jackson should entail. The fight for clean water is far from over, but today’s news provides a beacon of hope for our future.” 

According to the NAACP’s message, last year, Conner spoke to Congress to offer his expert knowledge of the neglect in Jackson and what such neglect and lack of investment indicates about national and broader infrastructural issues. 

In September 2022, the NACCP filed a Title VI complaint to investigate Mississippi’s discriminatory disbursement of federal funds, which ultimately led to a federal civil rights investigation.

“Let me be clear—there is no racial justice without environmental justice. That’s why the NAACP is overjoyed by today’s announcement from the EPA. The decision to finally invest in Jackson’s infrastructure is a long overdue win made possible by the Association’s tireless advocacy efforts in collaboration with Jackson residents and our allies on the ground,” NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson said. “We thank EPA Administrator Regan and the Biden Administration for stepping up when our state leaders refused to. While this journey is far from over, this investment represents a pivotal step towards clean drinking water for all. It’s a great day to be in Jackson.”

NAACP leaders have continued to track the city’s recovery process alongside Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba and EPA Administrator Michael Regan so that the city’s residents remain aware of the progress and decisions made.

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