‘The Family Business’ Unveils Star-Studded Ensemble, Led by Lela Rochon and Yvette Nicole Brown, For New Orleans Spinoff

The popular drama "The Family Business" has assembled a star-studded ensemble for its New Orleans spinoff.

In an exciting development for fans of Carl Weber’s gripping crime drama, The Family Business, the New Orleans spinoff has a star-studded ensemble, according to Deadline.

Joining the previously announced Brandon T. Jackson, Lela Rochon takes on a leading role alongside a diverse lineup that includes David Banner, Yvette Nicole Brown, Orlando Jones, and Stan Shaw.

The spinoff, currently in production in New Orleans and Los Angeles, for BET+ does not have a premiere date. Both Jackson and Rochon will serve as associate producers on the highly anticipated project.

Based on Weber’s bestselling crime drama book series, The Family Business chronicles the lives of the Duncans, a close-knit family led by L.C. Duncan (Ernie Hudson). By day, they run an exotic car dealership in New York, portraying an upstanding facade, but by night, their involvement in illicit activities comes to the forefront.

The New Orleans spinoff introduces viewers to “Midnight Blues,” an underground casino and club nestled between Old Town New Orleans and the prestigious suburb, Parrish of Gator Lake. The establishment, a local favorite for jazz enthusiasts, tourists, and celebrities, becomes the focal point for a brewing turf war. Big Shirley Dunca (Rochon) finds herself at the heart of the conflict, along with her younger brother Floyd (Pooch Hall) and son Marquis (Jackson).

Big Shirley’s family is embroiled in a generational struggle for control over Midnight Blues. When a mysterious death occurs there, the clan faces a formidable adversary, Jean LeBlanc (David Banner), an emerging underworld boss. In an attempt to shield her family from the escalating danger, Big Shirley sends Marquis to New York to seek the assistance of family members who run an international crime syndicate.

Nikaya D. Brown Jones assumes the role of showrunner and executive producer, collaborating with Weber, who pens all episodes. Trey Haley serves as an executive producer and director, while Veronica Nichols directs some episodes. Carl Weber’s The Family Business New Orleans is a production of Tri Destined Studios and Urban Books Media.

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