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The Game Accused Of Concealing Assets In Sexual Assault Case

Priscilla Rainey, the woman who successfully sued rapper The Game for sexual assault in 2016, claims he's avoiding paying off the settlement.

Priscilla Rainey, the woman who successfully sued rapper The Game for sexual assault in 2016, is accusing him of resorting to deceptive tactics to evade paying the $7 million judgment against him. Rainey alleges that The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, along with his manager Cash Jones, established a web of shell companies to shield his assets from being seized.

Rainey, a former contestant on The Game’s VH1 dating show, She’s Got Game, alleged that during the show’s filming, the rapper sexually assaulted her. The court awarded Rainey millions in damages, but collecting the money has been arduous.

In her recent court filing obtained by, Rainey outlined her case against The Game, Cash Jones, and several companies linked to the rapper, including JTT Holdings, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment, and Pass Go 2 Win LLC.

Rainey has been persistent in her efforts to collect the judgment, filing various lawsuits to access The Game’s royalties and business profits. In her latest lawsuit filed in 2021, Rainey contends that The Game and Jones used these companies to maneuver money and prevent her from seizing it.

The court documents reveal that Rainey has only collected approximately $500,000 out of the $7,130,100 judgment. She alleges that The Game and Jones conspired to transfer and conceal assets through shell companies, making it clear through social media that they have no intention of paying the judgment.

The accusations include claims that The Game transferred ownership of his company to Jones transferred the rights to his trademark to Jones’ company, and transferred the ownership of his mansion to Jones. Rainey argues that these transfers are an attempt to elude financial responsibility.

Rainey asserted in the filing, “No one need guess about [The Game’s] and Jones’ intent to not pay the Judgment owed by [The Game] to Rainey, as they have made it abundantly clear in various social media posts that they never intend to pay a dime to Rainey on her judgment.”

She also challenged the legitimacy of the transfer of The Game’s mansion to Jones, asserting that it was a fraudulent move to obstruct her ability to place a lien on the property. Rainey is now seeking the court’s intervention to rule the home as owned by The Game.

Cash Jones has vehemently denied all allegations of wrongdoing. A trial on this matter is scheduled for the upcoming month, adding another layer to the contentious legal battle between The Game and Priscilla Rainey.

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