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The Game Loses Awards, Signed Memorbillia, And More In Storage Locker Auction

A woman by the name of Carol (no last name provided) has come forward after she realized the storage locker she recently obtained held rare items owned by the rapper The Game. Carol told TMZ that she and her son paid $1,000 for the 10 x 20 Los Angeles unit earlier this month and had no idea what was inside.

The mother and son, who buy storage units as a hobby, paid another $1,400 to clean out the unit and remove the clutter that was inside. That’s when she realized who was the owner of the items they obtained.

Personalized art, awards, framed jerseys, untouched pairs of old Air Jordans, and photos helped Carol determine that the former G-Unit rapper was the rightful owner of the rare and high-end items.

It turns out a member of The Game’s team put the items in storage after he moved to a new home.

The team member went back to snag a few items before ending the renter’s contract and signing the rest off for auction. Now Carol is hoping to sell the personal items back to The Game since she doesn’t think he knows his belongings were sold off.

If the “Hate It or Love It” rapper is fine with her having his old belongings, Carol is ready to auction all the items off and walk away with more than a pretty penny.

The Game would be losing rare finds in the form of signed guitars and jerseys, photos from his old modeling campaigns, an award, and personalized fan-made art of the rapper, who has a net worth estimated at $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. If anyone should profit off his personal memorabilia, it should be him.

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