‘The Lady In the Yellow Dress’ Captures Millions of Hearts On TikTok While She Searches For Her Boo

‘The Lady In the Yellow Dress’ Captures Millions of Hearts On TikTok While She Searches For Her Boo

The good samaritans of TikTok are rallying together using hashtags and videos to help a woman find her ex-bae — but it’s all in good fun.

The lady in the yellow/green dress is what they call her and she is boldly determined and on a mission to find her boo and make us laugh along the way.

In viral skits, Shuntel Renay, an influencer and actress, dons a mini open-back dress while she catapults, dances, and runs from venue to venue searching high and low for her “stinky,” the pet name she gave the imaginary love of her life.

With the help of Monica’s soulful voice in her hit 90’s song Why I Love You So Much, Renay has been taking over TikTok and inspiring millions with her fun spirit and signature crisscross move.

Back in July, Renay, an online fashion boutique owner, introduced a line of new arrivals including the Zoya Dress In Citron Green dress on TikTok. Her viral video, which has amassed nearly 5 million views, features her in the outfit dancing for her bae’s love and the rest is comedic relief.

In the clip, she approaches a man standing at the driver’s door of a Uhaul moving truck. The man, supposedly her bae, shrugs her off while she continues dancing to prevent him and the truck from “moving on.”

“If you take your love away from me, I’ll go crazy.. I’ll go insane!,” Renay captioned the first video.

“Im so glad the algorithm brought me back to u. ur so funny. Keep doin what u do mommas,” a user cheered.

The following video garnered 4.8 million views featuring the leading lady, her infamous dress, and the mission to locate her man. But this time, she was hoping he would be at his favorite restaurant.

“Dang I was hoping he’d be here,” Renay captioned the post.

@shuntelrenay – Dang I was hoping he’d be here #fyp #foryou #relationshipgoals #summertime ♬ original sound – Nasir

While some haters have come out of the woodwork to discourage Renay from doing the videos, there’s been more love on her side than hate as she looks for love.

“Let me tell you something, if @mondeenise make a video with homegirl I’m going to be done! I love these videos!,” someone wrote in Renay’s comment section.

Another viral video, with over five million views, shows Renay at a Home Depot dancing through the aisles and searching in between customers to find her nowhere to be found ex. She even hinted at following her supporters’ advice to look there.

@shuntelrenay – Y’all told me to check Home Depot.‍♀️ #fyp #foryou #relationshipgoals #summertime ♬ original sound – Nasir

Renay is constantly pulling out her notepad to write down some of the locations people have suggested for her to find her boo.


“Check police station might be there filing a restraint,” one user wrote.

“At this point I think he moved out the country,” another chimed in.

“I think he’s at the basketball courts or auto body shop!!,” a third user wrote.

Renay’s search party may not be over for quite some time, but while she’s at it, the entrepreneur’s Citron Green dress is sold out!

Let’s hope Monica gets wind of this and helps Shuntel Renay out because we’re all invested in helping her find her boo! Check her out on IG @im.shuntelrenay and TikTok @shuntelrenay to laugh along.