The Order Project Brings Order to Chaotic Lives
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The Order Project Brings Order to Chaotic Lives

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From left to right: Tneisha Brown, Lauren Hill, and Varatip "V" Johnson (Image: Kauwuane Burton)

Lauren Hill, Tneisha Brown, and Varatip “V” Johnson started The Order Project (TOP) to get their spaces in order, become more organized, and have some sanity in their life. The three friends are wives, mothers, and career women who focus on organizing spaces that are beautiful and “Pinterest-perfect” and actually make lifves easier!

The ladies started with family and friends as clients. Now their work is available for the world to see in a new show called Chaos to Calm airing on Aspiretv. Celebrity guest appearances this season include Grammy-winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin and NBA star Thaddeus Young.

Each episode for the Dallas-based home organization company will tackle a client’s problem area in one day—with a dramatic makeover reveal at the end—and provide helpful tips for viewers.

BLACK ENTERPRISE had a chance to talk with Hill, Brown, and Johnson about what inspired them to start, their career paths, and the importance of lifelong learning.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?

Varatip: That’s an easy one—helping people. Through the organization, we help people reduce stress, be more productive, and save money. Seeing the joy on our clients’ faces when we reveal their transformed space is incredibly rewarding!

We also want our children to see us building a successful business that ultimately creates opportunities for them and their children. The good, bad, and the ugly—we want them to see what’s possible if you don’t give up.

How did you determine your career path?

Lauren: All three of us have executive corporate backgrounds. I encouraged V and T to get organized for years, and we loved how it made us feel. Then, family and friends started to ask for help getting organized. After several projects, we decided to combine our corporate experience and passion for organizing into a business.

It’s only been up from there, with several celebrity clients, a TV show, and many memories of doing what we love.

How Important is the organization in your home/home office for business productivity?

Tneisha: A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. A lot of us don’t realize that having stuff everywhere causes unnecessary anxiety and stress, wasting valuable time out of our day to conduct business. Your brain is constantly feeling like there is something to do, something to find—while you could be using that energy to focus on starting that new business or creating a strategy for your current business (corporate or entrepreneurship).

Most people are not naturally organized. But it’s something to be intentional about once you understand the benefits to your productivity and your overall mental health. The peace that comes with knowing exactly where something goes is unmatched.

What are three steps someone can take to begin organizing their space?

Lauren: Start small. Begin with a drawer or linen closet. Something that will allow you to get your confidence up. Once you organize one space, you will get the bug and want to start organizing everything. It’s very addictive but in a good way!

Take the time to purge . Make separate piles to keep, toss, and donate. Most people do not realize how much they can actually get rid of once you take the time to go through it.

Create a system that works for you/your family. We see these beautiful spaces on social media, but not all are realistic. Think about how you use your space and what will be the best way to maintain what you put in place.