The Sky’s the Limit: SNIPES Takes Women’s Empowerment to New Heights with ‘Breaking Ceilings’ Series

The Sky’s the Limit: SNIPES Takes Women’s Empowerment to New Heights with ‘Breaking Ceilings’ Series

In honor of Women’s History Month, SNIPES is launching Breaking Ceilings, a campaign that celebrates women’s accomplishments and inspires others to push beyond limitations. The initiative will lead with social and community-based programming, featuring four videos highlighting women who excel in various male-dominated industries.

The Breaking Ceilings series will feature four women who have broken through barriers in their respective fields: Dr. Marsha Francis (STEM), Didi Richards (NY Liberty), DJ Saige (DJ), and Scottie Beam (Entertainment). Each video will be one minute long and will focus on their experiences, triumphs, and achievements. Through this series, SNIPES aims to inspire other women to break the ceilings in their own lives.

Commenting on the initiative, Paula Barbosa, VP of marketing for SNIPES, said, “Women’s History Month is an important time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women throughout history. At SNIPES, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the amazing achievements of women in our communities who are breaking barriers and inspiring others to do the same.”

In addition to the Breaking Ceilings video series, SNIPES will collaborate with community partners throughout the markets they serve to empower and support young women through digital and STEM programming. The program will be taught by women for women and will kick off in the Midwest with college-bound girls from the Pure Heart Foundation.

The first event will take place at the Crack the Code lab in Detroit, Michigan, and will be led by CODE313, an organization that works to bridge the STEM gap in the Detroit community. The program will conclude with a panel featuring influential women, including Sydney Davis (founder of the NIXCODE app), Brittany Rhodes (Founder and General MATHager of Black Girl MATHgic), Courtney Fields-Senior Clinical Technologist (Microbiology at University of Michigan Health System), and Gabrielle Blackman- Scrum Master and NOC Admin at United Wholesale Mortgage.

In New Jersey and New York, SNIPES will partner with E-CODE, an organization that provides digitalized learning through computer science, robotics, and virtual reality experiences to underserved communities. Starting in New Jersey, SNIPES will partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Jersey City and Our Hudson Gardens Crack the Code computer lab. The students will create their own avatars and learn how to navigate the META verse through the female catalyst.

The Breaking Ceilings campaign will end in Atlanta with a STEM-focused activation at The Ivy Prep Girls Academy and the opening of our “Crack The Code” computer lab. The young women will participate in a panel discussion on STEM by industry professions, a hands-on activation led by STE(A)M Truck, and a science-inspired mixer. The Crack the code lab will continue Snipes’ focus on building computer labs in the areas they serve by providing digital equity and building the next generation of STEM leaders.

Breaking Ceilings is a powerful initiative that celebrates women’s accomplishments and inspires others to push beyond limitations. SNIPES is proud to launch this campaign and looks forward to collaborating with community partners to empower and support young women.


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