Teenager Who Recorded Death of George Floyd Says She's Traumatized

The Teenager Who Recorded The Death Of George Floyd Says She Receiving Online Backlash

Darnella Frazier
Screenshot via @NowThisNews/Instagram

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has caused a firestorm of controversy and has led to numerous protests across the country. The viral video has sparked calls for the arrest of the police officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck and justice for the victim’s family. In a new report by TMZ, the teenager who recorded the now infamous video says she has been dealing with online backlash and has been severely traumatized by the incident.

The 17-year-old, Darnella Frazier, said in an interview with TMZ that “she is utterly traumatized after recording the officer using his knee to suffocate George.” She went on to explain how since the video surfaced, people have found her online social media pages and have been criticizing her for not stepping in to do more for the victim other than recording.

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