The Will Smith Slap Meme Is Now a Minted Cryptocurrency Coin and NFT Art

The Will Smith Slap Meme Is Now a Minted Cryptocurrency Coin and NFT Art

You might think the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident is getting old, but others are just getting started as a digital coin of the slap has been minted.

According to Fortune, the coin was minted less than a day after the incident at the Oscars and has hit a record value of 469% over its first 24 hours. Additionally, NFT art of the slap has also been created.

A Will Smith Slap DAO NFT on OpenSea was said to be ranging from $7 to $86. The meme has created surges in the crypto market, but they won’t last long as Coindesk predicts the value will drop as time passes and the world moves on from the slap.

While Smith is still dealing with the backlash to his assault on Rock, which may include some kind of discipline from the Academy itself, Rock, who held his first comedy show last night in Boston, said he’s still processing the moment.

According to a Rolling Stone report, Rock didn’t say much about the slap in his first show since the incident, but did indicate he will have to write some new material to add to his Ego Death comedy tour.

“I don’t have a bunch of shit about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I have a comedy show I wrote before all this shit,” the comedian told a sold-out crowd in Boston, before confessing the worst part of his weekend was finding out his daughter didn’t get into USC.

That didn’t stop a large host of photographers and reporters who almost outnumbered the audience to show up at the event. According to Rolling Stone, Rock’s 75-minute set included him saying that America is done and the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t deadly enough to unite Americans.

Rock also discussed his two daughters and how he can not connect with them because they had the privileged upbringing he envied growing up, as well as what the dating scene is like as a rich man in his 50s.