These Black Founders Empower Outdoor Adventurers To Reach New Peaks In adidas TERREX’s ‘United by Summits’ Film

These Black Founders Empower Outdoor Adventurers To Reach New Peaks In adidas TERREX’s ‘United by Summits’ Film

adidas TERREX’s new long-term United by Summits campaign is all about celebrating the different personal summits people reach every day. Whether its up in the mountains or in cities, the ambitious initiative envisions a future where the outdoors are more inclusive for adventurers to reach new summits and find new personal peaks.

A powerful film series accompanying the campaign follows six inspirational stories showcasing how “every achievement in the outdoors, no matter how big or small, personal or community-minded, deserves to be celebrated,” according to a news release. While encouraging others to get out there, champions like Camp Yoshi co-founder Rashad Frazier and Adaptive Climbing Group founder and paraclimber Kareemah Batts, are uniting communities by their triumphs in nature.

Featured in the Summit of the New Dawn chapter, Frazier’s Camp Yoshi takes people from all walks of life on guided outdoor adventures with hopes of demystifying the outdoor experience, especially for BIPOC communities.

“Most of our camper testimonies are in written form,” Frazier tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “So hearing authentic takes, caught in the moment, more powerfully reaffirmed that our work is truly important, life changing, and that our efforts are not in vain.”

Cancer survivor and amputee Batts helps people with varying disabilities have access to sports like ice climbing and rock climbing through her paraclimbing community. In the Summit of the Climbing Family chapter, members share their personal transformations.

Rashad Frazier and Kareemh Batts shares more insight with BLACK ENTERPRISE into their personal summits and their role in the adidas TERREX’s United by Summits film.

Describe what your personal summit looks like?

Rashad: My personal summit is waking up before the rest of my family, walking, smelling the fresh air, clearing my mind and preparing for the day ahead before the emails and phone calls start flooding in.

I want everyone to experience and understand the magic nature has to ground you and recharge you in the simplest way.

Kareemah: My personal summit has always been belonging, even before I became a person with a leg amputation visible to the world. I stood out with my size 11 shoes, above average body frame, and a woman in a space that one did not usually see out on the trail.

Slowly through time and the creation and growth of ACG, I encouraged others as well as myself to no longer hide but sit in my space with pride and belonging.

Founder Kareemah Batts of Adaptive Climbing Group / Photo Courtesy: adidas TERREX

What motivated you to participate in adidas TERREX’s United by Summits film?

Rashad: We were stoked to be a part of the adidas Terrex United By Summits campaign because it aligns perfectly with our brand philosophy.

We’re also huge champions of creating community in the outdoor space, so when adidas approached us with this opportunity, we were excited to grow our community of organizations who value our lens. Ultimately, Terrex understood early on that our company isn’t built on a moment but a movement.

Camp Yoshi / Photo Courtesy: adidas TERREX

Kareemah: After 10 years of doing this work, I saw the opportunity to showcase the intersectionality of not just para-climbing but also climbing in general. adidas also gave me the opportunity to select and  showcase just a few of my favorite athletes that represent their unique communities and their countries that make up the multicultural diaspora of America in our chapter “Summit of the Climbing Family.

What do you hope audiences will take from the film?

Rashad: I hope the audience understands that the great outdoors can be a safe and restorative space for you, no matter what you look like nor your experience level. No matter what you’re used to seeing in that space, you are entitled to mindfully take up space there too. And if you’re afraid of what may be out there, there are people, like us, who will take you and help you feel comfortable, thrive and even build community.

Kareemah: My wish is that people notice that advertisements for brands, especially global ones, should represent the people that reach their communication bandwidth visually.