Chattanooga, TN

These Top Cities To Move To Also Host The Most Black Residents

With new cities ranking as go-to places to move, these specific cities in the top 10 also host a range of Black residents.

Where one lives is a choice derived from many factors. For Black people, that choice often considers how well the Black community thrives and already exists in it. Out of these go-to cities to move into, BLACK ENTERPRISE has picked out the ones hosting the most Black residents.

A new study released by relocation tech company MoveBuddha shared the top cities people are flocking to. The COVID-19 pandemic saw abrupt remote workers shifting their environments from big cities to bigger homes. However, those factors are less prevalent than many returning to the office.

The top 10 cities to move to are not all along the coastline or even premier destinations. Regardless, their move-in-to-move-out ratio suggests an undeniable charm and quality of living that attracts newcomers to stay. For the Black community, some places have diverse neighborhoods and cultures, making them the new hot spots.

The platform listed the top move-in cities in all 50 states, but the top 10 range in region and diversity. Placed the highest is The Villages, located in Central Florida. While known for its senior community and pristine weather, 2022 Census data reported a .4% Black population.

Fortunately, a high-ranking city with a higher percentage of Black residents is only two states away in Tennessee. Chattanooga, located in the southeastern part of the state, has Black people contributing to almost a third of its population. With the Bessie Smith Cultural Center and historical markers for Black people in tact, Black residents remain a fixture in this town.

While other move-in cities don’t have Black residents at this level, there are still diverse places rounding out the highest rankings. Decatur, Georgia, is minutes from Atlanta. However, it holds its own, with over 20% of its population consisting of Black people in 2018.

Next are the Carolinas, specifically Asheville, North Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which continue the Southern charm with a sizable Black population. While the North Carolina town attributes 10% of its population to the racial group, those wanting an ocean breeze can go to South Carolina’s beach city, where 15.6% of residents are Black. The Alamo state also has a featured spot on the list, with Conroe, Texas, featuring almost 12% of Black residents.

Not every city in the top 10 is a haven for Black people, as Billings, Montana, and Boulder, Colorado, have less than 1% each. Despite this, Black people ready to explore can stay on trend with these other towns that just might be one’s go-to residence.