This 10-Course Bundle Offers You Business School Knowledge for $30

This 10-Course Bundle Offers You Business School Knowledge for $30

A successful business needs a consultant to provide expert opinions on technical industry issues, identify potential challenges and develop practical solutions. The journey to becoming a business consultant might seem difficult. However, with a guide like the Ultimate Business Consulting Prep Bundle, you’ll learn to make a lucrative career out of it.

The bundle contains ten courses, and offers 40 hours of content. It covers business analysis, business goal-setting, powerful public speaking, resilience training for business owners, and more. These are essential skills for any potential consultant. Also, this guide breaks each concept down to the most digestible level, making it easy to master each skill quickly.

Looking to improve yourself and take on a new trade? This bundle has a wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged into fruitful business careers.

What You Will Learn

The copywriting masterclass includes 84 lectures that will teach you to write compelling copy that reaches your audience effectively. Furthermore, there are 11 lectures that focus on providing up-to-date knowledge and techniques in business processes. Other course topics in the bundle include the business consulting masterclass, cognitive biases in business, and more.

The instructors in the Ultimate Business Consulting Prep bundle include John Colley, a Cambridge-trained ex-investment banker with over 25 years of experience; Liz Makin, a London-based business coach and stress management consultant; Leon Chaudari, a business development expert; and other experts in project management, customer acquisition and sales skills. In additionn, the diverse group of instructors are on hand to provide firsthand knowledge on all the complex aspects of business consulting.

The Business Consulting Prep Bundle contains many industry secrets you might miss in Business school — and it costs even less. The ten courses in this online guide have a total value of $2,000, but it’s now available for $30 — a 98% discount that’s worth a lifetime of knowledge.

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