This 17-Year-Old Is On A Mission To End Period Poverty Through ‘The Confident Girl Project’

This 17-Year-Old Is On A Mission To End Period Poverty Through ‘The Confident Girl Project’

Taylor McCowan is an active community member on a mission. Through the Confident Girl Project, the 17-year-old wants to raise awareness of the population of homeless and impoverished girls that need proper feminine hygiene products.

As an avid volunteer, the Texas resident identified a surprising need in her local unhoused community—a lack of access to menstrual products, an issue that affects millions of people worldwide. In response, she decided to start a community service project in 2021 with hopes of providing more comfort that can essentially lead to confidence. A GoFundMe page was established to collect donations.

“The homeless shelter always receives clothes and food to be donated, but what about the elephant in the room? Menstruation products that all women need every day. This problem was being overlooked and avoided. I saw that and decided to do something about it because I understand what it is like being a girl,” wrote McCowan on her GoFund Me page.

McCowan’s journey started long before the inception of her project. In 2019, she began addressing period poverty — a lack of access to menstrual products, sanitation facilities, and adequate education — as a community service requirement for her Girl Scout Silver Award. She began passing out free period products to anyone in need. The community service project continued on to be a full-time initiative.

The Confident Girl Project aims to create 100 re-usable items that provide girls with a statement of self-affirmation and feminine hygiene that they need.

With ample support and commitment, the initiative has doubled its goal from 100 to 250 bags, Blavity reported. She hopes that one day her efforts can be housed into a non profit organization. In addition, the student also looks forward in growing the project to include scholarships for girls in need and to see her goal reach 1,000 bags.

McCowan’s story garnered her a special recognition from GoFundMe. She was named one of their ‘GoFundMe Heroes’ for her heartwarming actions towards aiding a struggling community.