This 7-Course Bundle Is A Quick Guide To Becoming A Great Podcast Host

This 7-Course Bundle Is A Quick Guide To Becoming A Great Podcast Host

What sets a great podcast apart from an average one? You can say it’s the topics discussed or the guests who are interviewed. But at the heart of every good podcast is an equally good host. They determine what the audience wants to hear, which guests make an appearance and how they can build a community of regular and engaged listeners.

Whether you’re creating a podcast across audio or video formats, the Essential 2021 Video and Podcast Mastery Bundle will train you on how to produce, edit and launch great videos across the web, with 13 hours of content on recording, marketing, processing and more.

This 7-course bundle isn’t just for budding podcasters. If you’ve been trying to launch that YouTube channel or create webinars and you’re not sure where to begin, then there’s something in here to show you how to make it happen.

The lessons cover a wide range of topics like audio, lighting and video setup. You will also learn video editing skills, webinar marketing mastery, creating a YouTube channel, recording a podcast in just one day, and creating corporate videos. Usually, it could take anyone years to learn these skills, but these lessons are quick and comprehensive, teaching you all you need to know in a few weeks.

The Video, Podcast and Webinar Mastery Bundle was put together by Total Training, a leading name in online and DVD-based training for creative design, digital video, and office productivity software programs. This platform was awarded Best Developer Training Solutions Provider in the US in 2020, so you’re guaranteed to get firsthand knowledge from industry experts and leading authors.

For a limited time, you can now get lifetime access to this bundle for 20% off the discount sale price. It originally has a value of $426, but for Father’s Day, you can get these 7 courses for $15.99 when you use code WELOVEDAD at checkout. Here’s your chance to become the next internet sensation.

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