This Media Company Is Addressing the Billion-Dollar Tech Industry

There are media agencies scattered by the dozens but there is a new opportunity for market share in the agency space that is targeted specifically at digital and tech conglomerates. There are only a few companies addressing the tech industry because it is a fairly new space. One of them is NicJohn Media.

Black Enterprise caught up with the founder, Nicole Johnson, to discuss why she decided to target the tech industry, how her company is leveraging technology, and what her plans are for it in the future.

Tell me about your background.

I began my career working for a major entertainment company in Los Angeles before heading off to law school on the East Coast and landing an internship at NPR. Just prior to the “internet boom,” I returned to my roots in California and became a legal technology consultant for specialized and large law firms in San Francisco and Silicon Valley—many of which represented then little-known tech companies that later became the tech giants that we know today. Prior to founding my own company, I spent 10+ years working for both large enterprises and agile startups including Thomson Reuters, BlackRock, and Hearsay Social, helping to expand their product offerings and services to new markets and audiences through strategic branding, content, social, web, and digital marketing.


(Image: Nicole Johnson)


Why did you decide to start a media company?

I graduated from college with the dream of owning my own media company. Although I didn’t know how to get there at the time, I found it fascinating to craft stories, shape narratives, and distribute those stories to large audiences. On top of that, I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. After working with some incredible people and organizations, I gleaned valuable insights and learned that the ability to truly connect with one’s audience is through the telling of authentic and engaging stories. So, at the beginning of 2017, I decided to blend my love of storytelling and technology and founded NicJohn Media to help people and organizations find their voice to effectively reach and connect with their target audiences.

How does your company currently leverage tech?

Like any savvy company, we leverage both internal- and external-facing technologies in order to grow the business. Internally, we couldn’t live without project management/CRM tools and other back-end technology to help manage our clients’ projects and simply to keep the business flowing. Externally, we utilize a mix of web, social, and digital tools to stay top of mind and deepen relationships with our clients, partners, and advocates.

Who makes up the bulk of your clientele?

We work mostly with innovative tech companies; e.g., companies that are changing the way we live, work, eat, think, and play (both consumer and business brands) and also companies that aren’t necessarily “tech” companies but those that have a digital mind-set. We also enjoy working with rising female entrepreneurs and diversity-led founders and leaders seeking to become more adaptive, innovative, and inclusive to reach an ever-changing (and increasingly digital) consumer base.

What is your goal for the company?

Our goal is to grow the brand and raise awareness of our service offerings to reach and engage with people and businesses that wish to market their services in more meaningful and effective ways. We’re also looking for partners and enthusiasts who will advocate for the brand and to build an incredibly talented team that is passionate about the stories that have yet to be told.

If someone was interested in using your services, how would they reach you?

We can be found via or you can email us at