This Baltimore Man Created His Own Herbal Tea Brand Inspired By His Son

This Baltimore Man Created His Own Herbal Tea Brand Inspired By His Son

Herbal teas are known for having different health benefits that can help people have a healthier lifestyle—and possibly a longer life. For one Baltimore native who became interested in different teas to help his son deal with his ADHD, it inspired him to use it as a business opportunity to create his own brand of tea blends.

Quentin Vennie is the co-founder of The Greenhouse Tea Co. with his wife, Erin, under their brand, Our Human Home, a tea and design company carrying herbal blends with different health benefits. Vennie says that his interest began when he was looking to naturally help his son, Jayden, with his disorder through methods such as yoga or mediation and then started learning about how teas may benefit him.

“I have always been aware that different types of teas had multiple health benefits, but never imagined they would be good for something like ADHD,” says Vennie in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE via email. The two were able to use their savings to self-fund their startup, which launched this month. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused setbacks in launching, the overall process still took time to make sure the teas were of the highest quality.

“The entire process took close to a year to complete. There were a lot of things we didn’t know when we started but we learned along the way,” he said. “Launching our business during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t as challenging as I initially expected, primarily because we use all dry ingredients that are minimally processed and everything is sold online.”

In addition to the tea, the company sells jewelry and accessories, as well as home goods, under design brands Handmade by Q and Human Home Designs.