This Black Nurse With Type 1 Diabetes Promotes Health, Wellness, and Fearlessness With Butler’s Extreme Training

This Black Nurse With Type 1 Diabetes Promotes Health, Wellness, and Fearlessness With Butler’s Extreme Training

This businesswoman from the inner city of Chicago is overflowing with high energy and helping others do the same.

Now settled in Metro Atlanta, Marquita Butler was forced to embrace change at the tender age of 17, all while managing Type 1 diabetes. Overcoming challenges is a constant in Butler’s story, according to The Higher South.

But “living life to the fullest without complications” was how she survived, and this ambitious wife and mother of two strived to rise above her diabetes diagnosis. She is empowering others to lead healthy lifestyles.

“I want to have a survivor story and not be a victim of my condition,” Butler explained to the outlet.

“I want to share with others that they can lead a healthy life while having this disorder. I also had an aunt who was a nurse and inspired me to go into the health field.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree, Butler started out as an ICU registered nurse, then started assisting with diabetes education as well. She is still serving patients after 16 years, but part-time, while she maintains multiple businesses.

Butler’s Extreme Training and I AM… A WOMAN

As Butler recalls the transition, it was “very challenging” having “almost lost it all” with her husband, whom with she co-owns Butler’s Extreme Training, a personal fitness gym/movement that focuses on calisthenics, located in the City of Stonecrest in Lithonia, Ga. Her husband serves as lead trainer.

While pursing her nursing career, Butler, also known as “The Golden Goddess,” founded I AM… A WOMAN!!!, a women’s social empowerment network aimed at uplifting women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The dynamic duo provides personal training and customized fitness and holistic programs to help clients discover their passion, purpose, and personal power.

Mompreneurs of Atlanta

Butler participated in a project, called Mompreneurs of Atlanta, showcasing moms taking on a role in entrepreneurship and finding a balance with motherhood. Check out the first 25 seconds with Butler in action.

For Butler, a positive attitude is essential to success.

“Maintaining a positive attitude has definitely carried me throughout this life,” Butler said, per VoyageATL.

“Being determined, persistent and consistent are key factors. Smiling is therapeutic. It brings such good energy and attracts other good energy back to you. Being courageous and not living in fear is always empowering.”