This Black-Owned Tea Company Is Seeing A Boom In Sales From Netflix’s Bridgerton

Netflix’s historical romance series Bridgerton has become the most successful show on the streaming platform’s history, exceeding expectations by gaining more than 80 million views worldwide since its release. The massive popularity of the Shondaland drama, which is set in Regency London, has inspired fans with the characters’ fashion and their love for tea time.

According to “Vogue,” luxury tea sets like the ones seen on “BRIDGERTON” have become very popular, and one Black-owned tea brand has been seeing its sales soar as a result.

Stephanie Synclair is the founder of LaRue 1680, having created the brand inspired by her own love of Victorian paintings she had seen growing in Alabama. After traveling to various countries in Asia, learning about the different types of tea, she created her own tea rituals at home as a form of self-care.


When the coronavirus pandemic hit nearly a year ago, Synclair noted the spike in sales thanks to more people being at home. Another sales boom came with the Christmas Day 2020 arrival of Bridgerton, whose imagery of tea time inspired many Black fans of the show to flock to her site.

“Perhaps the best effect of us spending more time at home during the pandemic and watching shows like Bridgeton, is that we have experienced a much-needed reminder that we can be fabulous in our own homes, take care of our appearances, get dolled up, and sip tea with our pinky up,” Synclair said in a press statement to BLACK ENTERPRISE. 

Their introductory collection features a classic twist on favorites like India Street Vanilla Chai, Italian Cream Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Yerba Mate, and Hibiscus.