This Black-Owned Tutoring Company Is Offering Free Online Instruction For Students K-12

The global spread of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, has resulted in different states issuing mandatory lockdowns causing all businesses deemed “non-essential” to close their doors. Over 700,000 jobs have been lost and the economic turmoil has had catastrophic effects on small business owners leading to a record-making number of unemployment claims being filed.

The outbreak has also resulted in school closures from kindergarten all the way to college campuses. Millions of school-aged kids and young adults have been forced to pause their academic semesters with some school districts possibly not reopening until the following year. One entrepreneur is providing a free solution for parents who have to play teacher in light of school closings.

Roland Omene founded Frog Tutoring, a private tutoring company based in New York City and is offering free live online courses for students in K-12 impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. In an interview with Essence, Omene says his business is down by 70% but he still wanted to “play a role as an education company to assist families whose kid’s education has been interrupted.”

The company explained in a press release that it will be utilizing a structured curriculum from Education Foundation to offer over 290 free classes across different subjects and grades. Teachers will be using video conferences through Zoom to hold classes and allow real-time communication for an interactive learning experience.

“As leaders in the tutoring industry, I wanted us to play a role to ensure that all families can offer their children the ability to continue their education,” says Omene. “I am proud of our tutors and the impact they will have in making a difference in children’s lives as we all face COVID-19.”

Parents can register their children for courses now at