This Company Offers Same-Day Delivery For Black-Owned Products

There has been a huge movement in the black community to turn their buying power toward black-owned business. One entrepreneur based in St. Louis has found a way to bring those companies right to your doorstep.

In 2016, Oran Taylor founded TransTaylor Logistics, a distribution company offering free, same-day delivery on everyday, household, and personal care products ranging from detergent to alkaline water. His mission is to help black consumers replace everyday products with black-owned products, making buying black a daily experience. The idea came from Taylor discovering a black-owned laundry detergent and telling others in his circle about the product.

After launching his own apparel company and looking to expand, he started approaching different brands to partner with his company to reach more customers.

Some of his popular products include True Laundry Detergent, Alkaline Lyfe water, Garner’s Garden, and Freedom Paper products.


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We are determined to create a new culture in this city and it starts with economics. Black businesses in black neighborhoods selling black owned products. Now that’s a C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y… Short story… In 2016 our business was refused at this establishment. Even though it was in a black neighborhood, the owners were not black and were not selling any black owned products. Fast forward to 2019 meet the new owner Woody, a visionary brother who took it upon his self to buy back ownership for our community. PLEASE support this location! Please support this business! K&M Market 3878 Page Blvd (formerly known as Page Discount Market) This is group economics. This is how we build 💪🏾✊🏾 just a regular Monday 🙌🏾 All Priase Be To The Most High #explore #stl #explorepage #monday #motivation

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