This Credit Guru Wants To Teach Young Black Men How to ‘Hunt’ For Opportunities In Business

Having good credit is essential in today’s economy to secure loans for a business or home and buying a car. Celebrity credit guru James Hunt is helping thousands of people reach their credit goals through his credit and financial concierge company New Rich Productions, based in Atlanta. Now he is creating a new company that teaches young black men how to “hunt” for opportunities in business.

His new venture, The Hunt, is focused on grooming the next generation of black male entrepreneurs. The platform will offer various resources and videos that will be available for aspiring entrepreneurs on YouTube in April. Additionally, there will be a master class teaching people how to launch a credit repair business.

“The Hunt, while a namesake, is all about being able to target what it is that you want with a laser focus and going out there and getting it,” Hunt said in a press statement. “It is my new company, which will include a master class on YouTube for entrepreneurs. I think that so often we are encouraging people to be entrepreneurs, but no one ever teaches you how to hunt and how to properly go after what you want.”

Just eight years ago, Hunt was homeless while walking through the upscale neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta, dreaming of one day driving one of the luxury cars that would often pass him by. Today his dreams have become a reality. And he wants others to learn how to take advantage of opportunities in business.

“Becoming a millionaire, or becoming successful at all requires a certain mindset and unwavering focus. There are various techniques to hunting down success,” he said.

“I teach things like strategy, knowing how to approach clients, knowing when to pull the trigger, knowing when to lay and wait for your ‘prey’… knowing when to make your move and when to actually be silent. Many of our young black men aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, but no one teaches them how to actually achieve it. That is what I am doing with The Hunt.”