This Entrepreneur Knows Self-Care Is the Most Important Investment

This Entrepreneur Knows Self-Care Is the Most Important Investment

Nowadays, it’s common to see the glamorization of what it takes to be successful—16-hour days, sleepless nights, no social life outside of work, etc. But the reality is, burnout and depression are inevitable if your success plan doesn’t include self-care.


Simply put, self-care is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. And Christina Rice has made a career out of helping people engage in activities, which nurture their career, mind, body, and spirit. Rice combined her 12-year career in public relations with her passions for travel, yoga, and adventure to launch LuxeLife Adventures, a travel platform that specializes in curating unique and authentic experiences and recently, OMNoire, a health and wellness platform for women of color.

Recently, we asked Rice to provide three self-care tips women should do weekly.

Put Yourself First


Whatever that means for you. I always say that “No” is a full sentence and we tend to forget that sometimes and that it’s OK to say no to overextending yourself for friends, family, work, and life in general. I also encourage women to do something that only you own, whether it’s taking a yoga class, going to the spa, spending a few hours reading a book with no distractions, trying something new, conquering a fear, therapy, etc.

Give Yourself Space


Step away from careers, significant others, friends, and children, so that you can just take care of you. I’ve learned that I am the best for everyone and everything else when I am the best me possible.

Create 30-day challenges throughout the year. For example, each day I list something that makes me happy. That could be going to the museum solo, cleaning out my closets, calling an old friend, completing a project I’ve been procrastinating on, baking a pie (which I never bake!), etc. We have to remind ourselves that it’s not always about the BIG action, but how those little ones will feed our souls.

If you need an entire weekend of self-care, join OMNoire for “The Glow Up, a Wellness Retreat taking place in Grenada, Oct. 5-9, 2017.