Mother-Daughter Duo Sets Stage Ablaze On Reality Series ‘Come Dance With Me’

Mother-Daughter Duo Sets Stage Ablaze On Reality Series ‘Come Dance With Me’

She’s a multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry. And she’s only 11 years old.

An artist, actor, and socialite, Kamryn Smith has made a name for herself as a professional dancer and her momma, Adriana Smith, has been with her every step of the way. Even onstage.

The mother-daughter duo from Phoenix, Arizona, is stunning TV audiences with their effort against other dancing families on the competitive dance reality series, Come Dance With Me, presented by Philip Lawrence. To Cardi B’s hit “Up,'” Adriana and Kamryn initially impressed the judges with an electrifying performance. The team, especially Adriana, set the stage ablaze with pops and locks, slides, chest pumps, and a lot of attitude.

In preparation for the show, the dream team practiced daily to deliver a quality performance.

“I whipped her [mom] into shape, but then she got better each week, and it really showed throughout all the dances,” Kamryn said jokingly, Blavity reported. “My favorite part of dancing with my mom is I know that she has my back, and if we look stupid, we look stupid together.”

Kamryn, a Soul Shock Dancer, is no stranger to the dance competition life. Before her Come Dance With Me debut, she appeared on season 8 of Abby Miller‘s hit TV show, Dance Moms, three years ago. But her experience on the show featured racial discrimination by Miller. The Philadelphia dance instructor later apologized to the Smiths.

Since leaving the show, Kamryn told Blavity Come Dance With Me is fun and “fosters a “positive environment and encouragement.”

Adriana, on the other hand, is a digital creator with an Instagram page called “Kamryn and Adriana,” where she shares photos and dancing videos of herself and her daughter.

For her performance, Twitter lit up with compliments and encouragement.

Tune in to CBS on Friday to see the dream team rock out some more.