This Week’s Highlights: The Best and the Brightest

This Week’s Highlights: The Best and the Brightest has you covered, with a round-up of this week’s highlights and top trending stories in news, money, career, small business, lifestyle, tech, and education.

This week, 23-year-old Nzingha Prescod shared how being an Olympic medalist in fencing is helping knock down barriers in the industry for people of color. The superstar shared, “my greatest personal achievement is staying disciplined and dedicated to something for so long and still having the motivation to become better.” Read the rest here.

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Also heavily trending this week was the ongoing discussion on Lee Daniels. The Empire director asked ‘White Hollywood’ where are the black writers? Daniels also asked his peers if they had ensured racial equity amongst their staff. Click here to the rest of this article.

In other news, BE100s CEO Robert F. Smith landed on the Forbes 400 list. With $14 billion in capital under management and #1 on the BE100s Private Equity list, his name was added to the magazine’s annual list of 400 richest Americans.

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Money coach and author Jacquette Timmons provided helpful tips for blacks when it comes to what you should know about stock market sell-offs. Read the full interview here. A report that was released by the AARP and the Financial Planning Association discovered that 75% of people didn’t know you could collect social security benefits based on your ex’s work history after divorce. Learn all the facts here.

This week in career news, Zuri Hall landed her dream job at E! News and talked to about the journey and what it took to become a national television host. Apple also took a huge step in the right direction by appointing James A. Bell, former Boeing CFO, to continue to bring more boardroom diversity.

Small Business
A new American Express Open survey had some interesting findings: small businesses worry about cashflow, and access to seed money and working capital is still a major challenge.

In addition, Silicon Valley Billionaire Tim Draper shared his expertise on investing. He will lead a powerhouse line-up of venture capitalists, CEOs, and rising tech stars at the Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit in Santa Clara, California, (Hyatt Regency, October 12-13, 2015).

Racial bias exists when it comes to reviewing TV shows. Did you know that 88% of viewers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? The article Does Racism Impact the Way Reviewers Rate TV Shows? was extremely popular this week, read the full story here.

Some major tech events occurred this week, as Google debuted the new Nexus lineup and the new CEO at its Nexus event on Tuesday. Sundar Pichai was announced as the new CEO in August, and has since brought in major media deals. Read the full story here.

For education, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan proposed investing in education rather than prison, and gave a significant speech at the National Press Club luncheon on Oct. 1, addressing the issue. Read the full story here. Also, read 3 ways high school juniors can prepare for college here.

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