This Week’s Highlights: The Best and the Brightest

This Week’s Highlights: The Best and the Brightest

At, we give you a round-up of this week’s highlights, from topics that sparked social media trends —or outrage—to the top news stories of the week. has you covered with a round-up of this week’s highlights.

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Tech/News:  Hillary Clinton is set to be a keynote speaker at The 16th annual Creating Opportunity Conference in Atlanta, featuring the Push Tech 2020 Think Tank competition. The summit, organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson and his PUSH Rainbow Coalition, focuses on diversity, innovation, and inclusion in the tech industry.

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Money: CNBC’s Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson discussed the recent Republican debate and broaching economic questions with the candidates. When asked what issues she would press with the candidates, she replied, “Many people are worried that they haven’t saved enough to retire and can’t save because their expenses are rising; not their income. It’s imperative that candidates talk about education, jobs, wage growth, retirement, and healthcare. Also, for many Millennials and their parents, student loan debt is top of mind.”

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Career:  Fort Worth, Texas, named its first African American police chief. Afri Joel Fitzgerald, who holds degrees from Harvard and Northwestern University, previously served as police chief in Missouri City, and Allentown, Pennsylvania. In his new post, he will manage a staff of 1,500 officers, nearly eight times larger than his department of 200 officers in Allentown.

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Small Business:  Morgan Stanley held their Business FORWARD: Innovate and Connect event this week where business owners interacted with financial service leaders and partners to get the tips and tools needed to seek success and sustain results. Robert Meredith, executive director, central Maryland complex manager for Morgan Stanley, gave opening remarks and attendees enjoyed a day full of networking and sessions on how to survive the ups and downs of the stock market, how to gain funding for their business, how to protect themselves from fiduciary liabilities, and more.

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Lifestyle: The Kardashians may have made the topic hot, but this NFL player is raising awareness in the African American community. Jonathan Scott, a 9-year NFL veteran offensive tackle, is a businessman, athlete, and health advocate who was diagnosed with Plaque Psoriasis in 2009. He is making sure others are not alone in managing the condition and more are able to gain helpful information to cope through his partnership with the National Psoriasis Foundation.

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Education: At least 250 middle school male students from ethnically and culturally-diverse backgrounds ventured to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill today. During a daylong program the middle schoolers learned about college life and got the opportunity to see what being a freshman is all about at the southern school. “Just like the CMSP helps minority male students at Carolina succeed, we want to inspire these middle school students to think about college and introduce them to our Carolina community,” said Marco Barker, UNC-Chapel Hill, senior director for education, operations and initiatives, and director of the CMSP.”

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