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Biracial Actress Tia Mowry Says She Identifies As A ‘Black Woman’

Tia Mowry can’t stress enough how much appreciation she has for her mother who she praises as a strong, Black woman.

During a recent episode of The Cool Mom Podcast, Mowry opened up about growing up biracial and how she identifies herself.

“As a mixed race woman, you sound like you identify more in one way or the other. Is that true or no?” host Lizzy Mattis asked the former Sister, Sister actress.

“Yeah,” Mowry responded. “I identify myself as a Black woman. She explained that her mother, Darlene, is a dark-skinned woman, and she praised her for being so strong throughout her life as she faced several challenges that came with her skin color.

“I feel like my mother is a strong woman,” Mowry said. “I have seen and felt her struggles as being a Black woman. And so to me—of course my dad is white—but I am an extension of my mother. So, yes, I am mixed race, but it’s how I identify myself. And I identify myself as a Black woman. That is how I’ve been viewed, how I’ve been seen.”

In 2020, Mowry posted a photo to Instagram posing with her mother and twin sister Tamera Mowry-Housley. The mom of two got candid with her followers about the privileges her father had as a white man compared to her mother. “Growing up #biracial, mom is Black and dad is white, it was very clear to me seeing the #privilege that my dad had as opposed to my #mother.,” Mowry wrote in a detailed caption.

Mowry gave her fans examples of the unfair experiences they were met with as a family.

“During our #sistersister days when traveling for work we would often fly first class. There were several times my mother was asked if she was in the right seat,” she wrote. She also reminisced on another moment when her family was purchasing their first home. “My mother walked in the house model with us asking for a brochure. A person had said the houses were sold out. My dad walked in and it was a different story,” Mowry added.

Mowry said her goal is to see change in the world.

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