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G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs Founder Fights to Retain Spot In Target With 20-City Tour

Follow Tiffany Cartwright's journey as she takes her body scrubs on tour across the country to retain her spot on Target shelves.

Tiffany Nicole Cartwright, the resourceful founder of G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs, is embarking on a 20-city tour to bolster her brand’s presence on Target shelves.

Without a national marketing budget, she’s taking matters into her own hands, driving across major metropolitan areas to promote her all-natural, organic body scrubs. This grassroots campaign is more than just business for Cartwright, BlackNews.com noted. It’s a celebration of her Black heritage and a commitment to fostering change in the retail landscape.

“Black businesses only occupy 6% of retail space despite being the largest consumer base,” Cartwright said. Her tour shines light on the underrepresentation and underfunding that often hinder Black-owned businesses.


Been under the weather for the past two days, but we are back up and at it again! The 20 city tour continues! Check us out in Plantation, Miramar, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami,Target stores

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A former Detroit judge, Cartwright previously shared her journey from adversity to entrepreneurship with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

In 2012, she faced unexpected layoffs due to state budget cuts, losing her home and car. However, she persevered, creating body scrub formulas for her daughter’s eczema that avoided steroids and harsh chemicals.

“I started mixing them, handing them out as Mother’s Day gifts, (and) birthday gifts for my girlfriends. And again, [I] never even contemplated starting it as a business until years later,” she said. After establishing her LLC and presenting her brand to Shark Tank investors, Cartwright’s breakthrough came during a family road trip to Arkansas, where she pitched her products to Walmart.

After successfully completing an in-store test, she secured placement in Walmart stores nationwide.

Now, armed with a portable sink in her truck, Cartwright is headed from Detroit to offer product samples, demos, and pop-up events to major metropolitan cities throughout her cross-country tour. Her mission extends beyond personal success as she aims to pave the way for other Black founders in the retail space.

“I am firmly committed to changing that narrative by helping and supporting as many other Black founders as I can,” Cartwright said.

Supporters can follow her tour journey on G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs’ Instagram and TikTok pages. According to a recent post that shows a “sold out” shelf in a Target store, it appears that word is getting around about the tour.

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