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Copycat Controversy: TikTok User Says Cetaphil Stole Idea For Super Bowl Ad

A TikTok user said Cetaphil stole her content for its Super Bowl ad, which featured a father and daughter bonding over Taylor Swift appearing at NFL games.

A TikTok user claims that the skincare brand Cetaphil stole her content as inspiration for its Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement featured a football-loving dad bonding with his daughter through Taylor Swift’s recent NFL game appearances in an uncanny resemblance to the user’s own video.

Sharon Mbabazi originally went viral for posting her heartfelt video in September 2023 of her stepfather coming into her room to discuss Taylor Swift’s impact on the NFL. The singer started appearing at games ever since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

@sharavinaaa I’ve turned him into a swiftie #taylorswift #traviskelce #kansiscitycheifs #swifties #swifttok #fyp #taylorandtravis ♬ original sound – Sharon Mbabazi

Then Cetaphil released its own commercial following a similar plotline, where a young girl joins her father in watching a football game with not-so-subtle references of it pertaining to Taylor Swift, after his various attempts to bond with her.

Upon the reveal of the commercial, Mbabazi went back to TikTok to discuss her feelings on the allegedly copycat controversy.

@sharavinaaa Replying to @user7270110434048 @Cetaphil US #superbowlcommercial #cetaphilsuperbowlcommercial #swifttok #swifties #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – Sharon Mbabazi

Her stepfather noted that the message was well intentioned, but one that was taken from their real life.

“Here’s the deal, Cetaphil. That is a beautiful story you have in your commercial that is going to be on the SuperBowl, but its our story. Beautiful content, my daughter made the content that you stole,” he said.

Mbabazi’s stepfather urged viewers to call the brand out for taking the story to use in its multimillion-dollar advertisement—brands are known for shelling out the big bucks for their Super Bowl commercials—without giving Mbabazi her due credit.

“Here’s what I want. Swiftie nation do your thing. Taylor Swift call them out on it, Travis [Kelce] call them out. What’s right is what’s right. Give the content creator, that we did months ago, her [credit],” continued the protective parent.

While it is unknown if Cetaphil did in fact steal the idea, the resemblances are there. Not only is the father in the commercial bonding with his daughter through skincare and Taylor Swift while trying to get her to watch football, it also features a mixed-race family, just as the real-life creator’s video did.

Mbabazi posted an update on the matter later, thanking her supporters and noting that Cetaphil has “made things right” with her and her stepfather, with the latter stating that the brand says it aims to represent the growing TikToker.


♬ original sound – Sharon Mbabazi

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