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Shannon Sharpe: ‘Beyoncé Ain’t Moving The Needle’ In The NFL Like Taylor Swift

Shannon Sharpe doesn't think Beyoncé has as much star power as Taylor Swift in the NFL and explained why.

Shannon Sharpe doesn’t think Beyoncé has as much star power as Taylor Swift—in the NFL.

While chopping it up with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on their Nightcap talk show, Sharpe explained why he doesn’t think Beyoncé can “move the needle” like Taylor Swift, who has brought more attention (and millions of dollars) to the National Football League thanks to her relationship with Travis Kelce, the star tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“The attention that she brings and the people, the eyes, that she brings that don’t even watch the game of football…it’s crazy what she’s been able to do for the NFL,” Johnson said.

“Tell the other person that’s gonna do that,” Sharpe added.

“Beyoncé,” Johnson said.

“Not like this,” Sharpe responded. “These 8-to-15-year-old eyeballs… Ocho, I love Beyoncé. [But] Beyoncé ain’t moving the needle like this chick, Ocho. She’s the closest thing to moving the needle like Michael Jackson that we’ve seen. This is it.”

Johnson disagreed, insisting that Beyoncé could move the needle as much as Swift, if not more.

“No she doesn’t,” Sharpe said. “Not like Taylor…Taylor Swift, I mean, she a different animal. Beyoncé is phenomenal.”

The First Take host claimed the NFL would rather have Swift perform at the Super Bowl halftime than “Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Rihanna combined.” He also noted reports saying Swift turned down the opportunity to perform at the halftime show.

Swift will be in attendance to support her boyfriend when the Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 11. Her presence is welcomed by the NFL. New credit card spending studies show the pop star has influenced 16% of U.S. shoppers to spend money on football.

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