Timbaland Creates Beatclub to Help Musicians Connect With Industry Professionals

Timbaland Creates Beatclub to Help Musicians Connect With Industry Professionals

Verzuz is one of the entities that was created in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and has grown so much that it has helped producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz create more opportunities for creators.

Based on the success of Verzuz, according to The Associated Press, Timbaland has created Beatclub, an online beat-selling marketplace, on a digital platform that will connect with musicians, producers, songwriters, music publishers, and record labels.

“I know what it’s like being a kid sitting in a room, don’t know if you got talent. The way that this world is moving, how do these kids get their music heard,” said Timbaland.

“This platform is a place where creators can communicate. I’m the head of the ship. But guess what, if you own a ship, you can communicate with me and you get better. I can point you to a Lil Durk or Lil Baby and tell them to look out for this guy or girl, and give that person a shot. That could be their biggest dream.”

Beatclub just recently announced that crooner Justin Timberlake has joined the team.

If you want information about Timbaland’s Beatclub, you can visit the site Beatclub.

Timbaland has also gone on record as saying that Beatclub members will keep all their music rights and revenue, set their own terms for pricing, and retain their publishing royalties.

The business of Hip Hop has been growing and it continues to create new entities that will utilize the culture that was literally built from nothing. The great thing about it is that now more creators and people involved in the culture are benefitting.