5 Ways to Market Freelance Skills for Full-Time Employment

5 Ways to Market Freelance Skills for Full-Time Employment

If you have been making your way as a freelancer you know that there are ups and downs. Although you are able to make your own hours, and manage your workload there can be some points were it is daunting. At some point you may want to find a full time position to gain some stability for your work hours, and your paycheck. How will you land the job based on your freelance experience? Brazen Careerist offers a few ways to market your skills as a freelancer when interviewing for a job.

You know how to drum up business: If you’ve freelanced, you’ve probably put yourself out there to find and secure clients. Through your experience in drumming up business, you have learned how to size up a potential client, figure out what they’re looking for and explain to them how you will deliver exactly what they want. You know how to market. You know how to sell.

Furthermore, you know how to handle rejection and have developed resilience to it. One little rejection doesn’t derail you, because you know not to take it personally, and you know from experience that the more people you ask, the more likely you are to hear “yes.” You roll with the punches, get back up and keep selling until you’re booked.

You understand the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships: Freelancers learn through firsthand experience that keeping a regular client is much more cost-effective than securing a new one. They know how important it is to keep clients and customers happy. They know that the No. 1 rule is to listen.

To potential employers, the fact that you truly understand that maintaining strong customer relationships is key to keeping good business, and have experience doing so, makes you a real keeper.

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