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Tommy Davidson Claims He Was Ambushed By Will Smith For Kissing Jada Pinkett Smith On Set Of ‘Woo’

Now that Jada Pinkett Smith let the cat out of the bag on her and Will Smith’s separation, her old castmate Tommy Davidson is opening up about his violent encounter with her estranged husband.

Davidson recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast where he revealed the run-in he had with Will after filming a love scene with Jada in their 1998 film Woo. It was after sharing a kiss with Jada as part of their onscreen roles that Will decided to confront Davidson.

“Me and Will had a run-in,” Davidson tells Sharpe in the clip.

The “In Living Color” star says he was initially confused as to why Will was upset but remained civil as he was seated when Will stood over him to confront him.

“Will. Will…” Davidson says Jada said while Will allegedly bit his bottom lip in frustration.

“I’m like, what’s happening, man?’ ‘You tell me what’s happening. Hmm? Hmm?’ You know when a guy does this,” Davidson said as he bit his lip, “He might do something.”

Davidson recalls repeatedly asking Will what he was upset about and not getting a straight answer.

“So finally I just said, ‘This is a small place, and people are here. We should talk about it, me and you, outside, because it looks like you need to get something off your chest,” Davidson said.

“And Jada was like, ‘Aw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, y’all. Naw, y’all’ And I said, ‘Whatchu mean naw y’all? Tell him!’”

It wasn’t until 15 years later when Davidson had completed his memoir, Living in Color: What’s Funny about Me, that he finally learned the real reason Will confronted him.

Davidson assumed it was because of the kissing scene, and Will’s best friend Charlie Mack confirmed this when giving Davidson permission to include the confrontation in his book.

Davidson and Jada were forced to film the kissing scene without any practice and had to do a couple of takes before landing the shot. It was the multiple kisses that apparently bothered Will at the time.


The revelation comes amid Jada’s shocking reveals about her and Will being separated since 2016. She also revealed the date Chris Rock once asked her on after believing divorce rumors about the Smiths.

Fans have been sounding off with shady remarks in response to the Smiths split.

“Imagine getting mad at someone kissing your ex wife,” one Twitter/X user wrote.

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