Toni Braxton Speaks Highly of Uncle Bud’s CBD-Infused Products

Toni Braxton Speaks Highly of Uncle Bud’s CBD-Infused Products

Toni Braxton sang the praises of Uncle Bud’s CBD-Infused health products during an appearance on Cheddar.

Braxton, who is a brand partner with Uncle Bud’s, made an appearance with the brand’s brainchild, 23-year-old entrepreneur Garrett Greller on Cheddar to discuss the benefits of CBD and how the use of its products have been helping her.

The hemp-healthy brand specializes in skincare, personal care, and pain relief products, and are an essential part of Braxton’s daily routines. She has long suffered from the painful and debilitating effects of lupus. After being diagnosed over 10 years ago, Braxton thought it would end her career in music since lupus is a painful inflammatory disease that attacks the tissues. After discovering CBD, a legal cannabinoid extract, it vastly improved the quality of her life and provided the relief necessary for her to continue touring.

“I knew nothing about CBD, I’m going to be honest. I actually found out about his product by default,” the Grammy Award-winning artist told Cheddar. One day Braxton couldn’t find her regular lupus medication and just happened to stumble on an Uncle Bud’s product which was under the sink. After applying the product to her knees, there was immediate relief. Her concerns about the product making her high were dispelled once she learned that it wasn’t like THC, the active component in cannabis that creates a “high.” She became hooked and became a regular user and champion for CBD.

“Having lupus, I always try to be positive, but sometimes I have bad days like everybody else,” Braxton said. “All of a sudden, I put this product on and it just makes me feel better.”

Greller, who is the co-creator of Uncle Bud’s, was suffering from painful arthritis in his knees, back, hips, and ankles for years. He was wasting thousands of dollars on over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed pain-relief medicines that didn’t work or often had unpleasant side effects. Greller worked with an FDA-registered lab to formulate a natural, hemp-based solution that could provide relief to millions of Americans who suffer from daily aches and pains, which turned out to become Uncle Bud’s Topical Pain Reliever.

Uncle Bud’s products specialize in pain relief, personal care, and skincare, and it includes a topical pain reliever, body wash, sunburn soother, and hand and foot creams.