Top 10 Most Blissful Jobs in America

Top 10 Most Blissful Jobs in America

Everyone has ups and downs in their career. Moments when they are happy and  looking forward to their day and times when you cringe thinking about Monday morning. It is impossible to be happy at work all of the time, but it is important to be happy the majority of the time. If you are deciding on a career, or making a career change it may be good to know in what industry people are happiest.

What jobs have the happiest employees?  Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes writes about the 10 happiest and unhappiest people based on a compiled survey from CareerBliss. Here is where the jobs measure up:

Top 5 Happiest

No. 1 Happiest Job: Real Estate Agent
Bliss score: 4.26

No. 2 Happiest Job: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Bliss score: 4.23

No. 3 Happiest Job: Senior Sales Representatives
Bliss score: 4.19

No. 4 Happiest Job: Construction Superintendant
Bliss score: 4.10

No. 5 Happiest Job: Senior Application Developer
Bliss score: 4.08

Top 5 Unhappiest

No. 1 Unhappiest Job: Associate Attorney
Bliss score: 2.89

No. 2 Unhappiest Job: Customer Service Associate
Bliss score: 3.16

No. 3 Unhappiest Job: Clerk
Bliss score: 3.18

No. 4 Unhappiest Job: Registered Nurse
Bliss score: 3.22

No. 5 Unhappiest Job: Teacher
Bliss score: 3.22

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