Tory lanez, prison

Contrary To Recent Reports, Tory Lanez Prefers To Be Among Other Inmates While Prison

After being found guilty of shooting fellow recording artist Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez is reportedly “scared for his life and safety” due to his celebrity status, but that claim is disputed.

According to the New York Post‘s “Page Six,” the Canadian artist was recently transferred to North Kern State Prison in Delano, California, after being sentenced to 10 years in prison earlier this year.

A source told the Post, “Tory is scared for his life and safety in prison. He feels like he is an instant and direct target because of his celebrity status.”

According to TMZ, one of his attorneys claimed that the artist was in isolation presently but would prefer to be among the general population. However, Ceasar McDowell said his client is not afraid of being around the inmates and doesn’t want to get the special treatment most celebrity prisoners receive. McDowell explained that Lanez feels he can handle himself in that environment.