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Combat Skyrocketing Travel Costs This Summer

Originally Published July 22, 2022.

Due to inflation, travel has joined the growing list of industries—including food, housing, and gasoline—that now cost Americans more than in previous years. There is concern that they might be ringing up large credit card bills.

Here are six ways travelers can save money and avoid debt.

Book as far in advance as possible

If you are considering public transportation by flight or train, book as far as possible. This approach may work well for you as it often allows the airline or rail company to help you get seats to your destination at a certain price, offering the potential to save money. This Air Fleet Rating provides details of air travelers.

Carpool instead of taking a plane

It is no secret that gas prices are costly. Another option to consider is traveling with a group by carpooling. Be mindful, too, that airline cancellations typically rise during the summer. Another potential benefit is that you won’t have to rent a car once you reach your site. Download apps like GasBuddy and AAA Gas Prices to help find less costly gas stations near you.

Use credit cards that offer perks

The Ascent reports some credit cards offer rewards for flights, hotel stays, meals, and more. See if your credit cards have travel rewards programs. If not, paying for a travel rewards credit card might be worth it. Some cards even offer perks that could bring savings, like free checked baggage.

Spot the best time to travel during summer 

Although many people like to travel during the peak of summer, postponing your trip can save you money. It’s been revealed that in the last two weeks of August, prices decline greatly. Part of the reason is that kids return to school nationwide, decreasing the number of families traveling.

Try to identify free tourist attractions

Why pay to sightsee if you can do it without spending money? For instance, personal finance company NerdWallet reports that there are many things you can do at Disney World at no cost. It reports travelers can find free walking tours in large cities but should be prepared to tip guides. In major cities, do some research to learn what attractions offer freebies.

Take your own food and snacks

Avoid buying expensive meals at the airport or your destination. It might not seem like a big deal, but the accumulated savings could be worth it.